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Treurende man / Grieving man

  • 1999
  • Bronze

In the series of portraits that don’t like to be seen; the grieving man. Great sorrow is show in the face, including evasive and aimless gaze. The interesting thing is that you get into that mood yourself, which is a normal reaction. It is the functioning of the mirror neurons that play an important role in social contact. With a sculpture you can expect that you can let this reflection pass you by. The fact that those mirror neurons also do their work on an image gives me great pleasure of making it. Comparable to the pleasure of being a good actor who plays beautiful drama. A challenge for the spectator. Experience how strongly you respond, and how the emotion controls you and then try to step over it. See the grief carved on his face. This doesn’t seem fleeting. He is always stamping  the grief out again.


23 x 17 x 17 (cm)

Oplage: 1/2
Photography by 

Rob Overmeer