Koen de Vries
Gevonden gezichten

The sketchy modelling style I work with forces me to regularly re-determine the pose of the sculpture. During that process, each new position brings its own meaning.

With this image I was inspired by the photo of a stone thrower. A person who has decided not to let things pass and acts against injustice. It seemed I was very close to the pose I was looking for when something in the image hit me. The excitement of the stone thrower suddenly took on a different character. The power that first turned outwards has turned inwards.

I am sometimes inspired by photography, also because it is so dominant in our visual culture. The reason for this group of statues is the photo of a platoon of Dutch soldiers on a peace mission. The pose for the camera is one of young dogs playing war, as if they were part of the A-team. Smoking a cigar, cool sunglasses, I was that uninhibited myself when I was eighteen. 

In the image I wanted to let the near future shine through this facade. As if the camera has continued to register.