Koen de Vries
Gevonden gezichten

To need something to become yourself or to want to add to something. Everybody has his own way of giving meaning to one’s life. My relation to this subject is double, I don’t dare to show myself as a weak person or depending on something. I can be jealous of people that do dare and at the same time pleased that I don’t need to do it. It makes me vulnerable.

To flee is one of the responses to fear and the vulnerable people often use that route. For photos and film, you flee into invisibility by placing your hand between you and the lens. You see this  in the media when a story is being told and the hunted wants to withdraw from it, for whatever reason. These are uncomfortable moments in which the camera becomes a hunter and the escapee the goat.

There is a magic in this image that I love. It is a nice portrait, but it is not sweet. I see an autonomous movement, the image seems to be reinventing itself with a superhuman force. A force that few people use, no matter how troubled they are by their non-change.

The succession of generations demands a lot. To me it looks like making a copy of yourself, but without the mistakes. A 2.0. updated ready for another round. You live on yourself, but you also start again at the origin. The everlasting game of ‘who am I’, while your eyes are kept closed. Drowning in yourself. The urge to live on yourself or to do that by creating offspring.

Not everything can be put into words, because the world is usually too complex for the flatness of text. 

Nothing to add, words fail. Let me cry out for the missing words like I’m blind to what’s happening to me.

A sound fades away, a lamp goes out and your immediate past hangs like a shadow on the retina of the other spectator. This image shows the change into something new. The original imprint loses form and urgency, makes way for that what did stick around: the residue of your actions.