Koen de Vries
Gevonden gezichten

What does the male want from the female? That’s what I ask myself by the first sculpture I made with a women-stamp incorporated. The visual language that I use while making a male portrait was not one on one applicable. With a woman a scar is decay and disease while by a man it stands for toughness and strength. It shows how sex specific you look. Therefore, this first step, in which I try to find out what the “male gaze” means. While at the same time learn to look past it and make the feminine visible.

Surrendering to a kiss remains enchanting. Unraveling the transformation of the body. Carefully seeking, longing, the fortress of your body opens. Vulnerability, relaxation, no defense for a while. Tender hopes for a sweet touch. Maybe a moment, maybe an eternity, or both. A stretch to the timeless body.