Koen de Vries
Gevonden gezichten

Photography is an important medium for me. The images I make could not have been created without the existence of photography. The flash that freezes everything for a moment, the moving image, the images overlaid, all applicable in the modern visual language. 

In my work, that flash also represents meaningful moments that we remember in a hurricane of different impressions. Simplifications because the flash came too early or too late for the exact story. 

Sometimes this seems like a monument for analogue photography. Studying by observation to understand the world. This approach does not seem to fit in with the acceleration of the digital world.

Gagged and blinded, the body switches to the other senses. Deprived of your human dignity, you go to survival mode. The remaining senses try to compensate for what the eyes no longer see, stress makes you like a trapped wild animal.

The similarity with Lady Justice is striking and distressing. She is also blindfolded but does not play any role in this dominance game, at most afterwards.

I made five of these sculptures and together there is a group dynamic. The way people always react to each other’s presence. But sometimes time ceases to be linear, and you see five movie stills from one person’s movie. But as soon as you notice that it is already passed. This keeps me interested, time is what you style if you want to show the human being in motion.