Koen de Vries
Gevonden gezichten

We go through life as human beings. By touch, learning by experience. oops…. and again. This image is unheroically every day and recognizable to me. ‘People’ as a verb. We man our way through the famous seven locks.

Smiling, the first reading glasses are put into use. Also, a first sign of physical decline. I had already made this statue before this happened to me. The model a colleague of mine, is focusing his varifocals glasses with his entire face. During the making of this sculpture this struck me, but also the similarity with the woman from the famous staircase scene of the classic film Battleship Potjomkin . An indignation about the destruction that is brought by soldiers against civilians, and from which she herself cannot escape. Whenever I come across this image I smile and seize the day.

It was great to go wild on the heads of the protesters, and find their form. Indignant and angry the faces are being worn. They cheer each other on and by accident, part of their own personal sorrow is thrown around the protest. Often this results in separation, rather than getting the bystanders along.

One of the heads threatens to spit out his teeth from anger. This is for me a high point of portrait art. A joy to look at all the vehemence.