Koen de Vries
Gevonden gezichten

LGBTI+ keeps me interested. It tells a lot about being human. The theme came to this image when I started swapping body parts to see what it did to the image. In the result I see someone who overcomes the obstacles in life by being true to himself. Which has become stronger as a result and carries the previous forms with it.

The sketchy modelling style I work with forces me to regularly re-determine the pose of the sculpture. During that process, each new position brings its own meaning.

With this image I was inspired by the photo of a stone thrower. A person who has decided not to let things pass and acts against injustice. It seemed I was very close to the pose I was looking for when something in the image hit me. The excitement of the stone thrower suddenly took on a different character. The power that first turned outwards has turned inwards.

An ode to musing through an image. Relaxation and quietly absorbed in thought, the way to get back to yourself. An essential factor for the learning human. Returning to what you were and allowing new impressions to grow on you. There is an inner movement in the standstill. I think there is something deliciously intrusive in this work. You recognize it when you are comfortable with it. This is the home of poetry.

Directly beneath the surface lies fear, ready to go off. Flee, fight, or freeze is a chemical reaction in your body that instantly transforms you in another corner of your personality. There is so much more under the same surface, but only primatologists seem to have an eye for it. 

I make a lot of this visible and that’s the way you can study it. As art can serve science. I am about  the poetry, but it remains remarkable: if you show the vulnerable site of the human being, people turn away their eyes. On television and in books, theatre and the news, people can be viewed more safely, because it is from a distance.

It fascinates me that the head of what we call a suicide bomber, the head is usually found quite unscathed. The heads in my work are also not attached to a body. I suspect that existential displeasure was the motivation for their attack. In this image, this grief came together with that of the relatives. You see the stress and uncertainty of the consequences it will bring.